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elevated cooking

Excellent cutting performance & minimalistic design

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TheChefClub knives are razor-sharp and can keep their sharp edges for a much longer time, rated EXCELLENT in CATRA’s sharpness and edge retention test, outperforming high-end knives sold above $150.


Modern & intuitive

Adding creativity, fun & style to your cooking and kitchen.


We went beyond functionality and made TheChefClub knives a modern, intuitive, easy and friendly object. The minimalistic, all-metal design creates a fluid, smooth contour that blends seamlessly with a modern kitchen, an invitation to an enjoyable cooking experience.


TheChefClub Edition knives stay at its top performance requiring minimum maintenance, thanks to Matrix powder steel’s ultra hardness, high yield strength and resistance to high temperature & humidity. Crafted without pesky corners or crevices to trap bacteria, the smooth finish makes it easy to remove stains and harmful bacteria, while the Titanium coating prevents odors and rust.  A simple rinse after each use will give the blade a thorough cleanse.


A statement of style

The Jar is a game changer for knife storage in every possible way, stylish, convenient, dishwasher-safe, holds up to 8 pieces of TheChefClub knives,

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For playful cooking

Available soon on Kickstarter with early-birds offer from $49.

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TheChefClub Edition series includes a seven-piece knife set. The set consists paring, utility, chef, Santoku, boning, bread knives, and The Jar-a glass knife block. Available with different finishing options. Subscribe to get the limited early bird offer starting from $49 with free shipping, for the chef knife retailed at $99.

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Engineered and optimized for TheChefClub knives, Matrix powder steel is the driving force behind the knife’s superior sharpness and long-term edge retention. With a hardness of HRC62, Matrix powder steel is more stable and resistant to corrosion than high-carbon stainless steels used in high-end knives. With lab-level precision in engineering and process control, we are able to clad the Matrix powder steel to the stainless-steel base without compromising quality.

Powder steel (Powder Metallurgy Steels ) is a group of atomized alloys that are often used in industrial applications that require tools capable of cutting steel and also withstanding tremendous forces and high temperatures. Powder steels are often with high hardness and yield strength which is crucial for cutting tools.


Advanced engineering & craftsmanship

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The knives are made with state of the art machines and sophisticated craftsmanship. We manage and control the production with a very precise and specific manner to make sure TheChefClub knives can deliver the consistent outstanding performance. 

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About TheChefClub

With over 3 years spent with trusted partners in manufacturing and material development, we are excited to offer a pro-grade performance, easy-to-use knives with modern design. TheChefClub was founded by a group of passionate entrepreneurs and engineers with expertise in material technology, engineering, and industrial design, who also share the same enthusiasm for cooking.